Snack Sense Ideas

Below are some sample snack menus that YMCAs are serving at after schools. These menus are great because they achieve all 4 Environmental Standards for Healthy Eating, they qualify for USDA snack reimbursement AND they are less than 74¢!* Remember! Tap water should be served at every snack for virtually no cost. What a bargain!

Snack Foods Beverages
Apple slices, Peanut Butter Water & 1% milk
Celery, Raisins, String cheese Water
Oranges, Triscuit crackers Water
Whole wheat crackers, Oranges Water
Salsa, Beans, Corn tortilla chips Water
Banana, Oatmeal Seltzer water
Egg salad w/mayo, Whole wheat bread, Cucumber slices Water & 1% milk
Broccoli, Couscous Water with splash of 100% fruit juice
Tuna salad w/mayo, Baby carrots, Wheat Thins Water
Banana, Peanut butter, Raisins Water
Peanut butter, Whole wheat mini bagel, Raisins Water
Applesauce, Popcorn Water and 1% milk
Banana, Cheerios Water and 1% Milk
Baby carrots, Hummus Water
Tomato wedges, String cheese Water
Whole wheat spaghetti, Tomato sauce Water with orange slices
Colored pepper slices, Cheese Water and 1%milk
Whole grain Goldfish crackers, Raisins Water
Fruit canned in 100% juice, Whole wheat pretzels Water
Trail mix (nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit) Water with splash of 100% fruit juice
*Note: The price of foods and beverages are estimates based national price averages. Prices in the area where you shop may be more or less expensive.