Change Tools

Creating Healthy Changes in Out-of-School Settings

Navigating the Food & Fun curriculum and promoting healthy environments in out-of-school time can be easy and fun! Food & Fun After School 2nd Edition includes multiple planning tools to help save time and plan effectively for healthy change in their programs. These tools can help sites make Food & Fun lesson plans, set goals, assess progress, and promote sustainability. All the tools are designed as optional self-assessments. Some people might use all of them and others might choose just one that fits the needs of their program. These simple assessments should not be added work, but instead tools to encourage learning and sharing within and across programs.

The Introduction to Planning Tools PDF can be found here

For more resources and information, visit The Out of School Time Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative at


Change Tools

A great place to start identifying areas to make change! Use these tools to assess how well your program is meeting the environmental standards.

Food & Fun Planning Tools

Use these tools help plan your use of the Food &Fun curriculum.


Guides for educating and training staff on implementing the Food & Fun curriculum, understanding the messages, and other supportive materials.

Snack Sense

A menu planning tool to provide fun, healthy, and budget-friendly snacks for children in after-school and out-of-school time programs.

Posters, Tip Sheets, Fast Maps

The Posters can be displayed in your program to highlight the environmental standards. The Tip Sheets and Fast Maps help staff identify and overcome frequent barriers in creating and sustaining healthy afterschool environments.

Policy Writing

Self-assessments and guides to using policy to promote physical activity and nutrition in out of school time.

Glossary of Terms

Refer to this Glossary to clarify the use of terms used in the Change Tools and throughout the Food&Fun curriculum.