Posters, Tip Sheets, and Fast Maps


The Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center has developed a number of materials to help staff create healthy environments in their out-of-school time programs.

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Healthy Places Healthy Kids Poster

The Healthy Places Healthy Kids poster presents the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center Environmental Standards for Nutrition and Physical Activity in Out-of-School Time Programs in a fun and colorful way that kids and staff love. It serves as a great reminder of the healthy environments programs aim to achieve.

Guide to Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets

Nine topic-specific Tip Sheets help sites move beyond teaching lessons in Food & Fun Afterschool to begin making sustainable changes to program practice. The Tip Sheets, informed by past programs' experiences, are practical guides designed to simplify healthy changes and describe promising practices for afterschool staff. They also include fun facts, stories, and web resources that staff can share with kids and their families, or use for planning more healthy programming.

Guide to Fast Maps

Fast Maps

The Fast Maps, our newest innovation, are designed to help staff overcome systematic challenges that go beyond the site level. For example, addressing issues of limited space for physical activity in afterschool programs might involve meeting with school principals or partnering with nearby community spaces. The Fast Maps help users identify who they might need to involve and what steps they might need to take to address more complex environmental changes. The challenges, questions, and suggested strategies we present are informed by past experiences of afterschool programs.


Q: Who can use the tip sheets and fast maps?
A: Staff working in out-of-school time programs are the intended audience for the tip sheets. However, managers who oversee these programs, school teachers, or parents may find the sheets informative and useful for making healthy changes.

Q: How can I use the tip sheets and fast maps?
A: These handouts can help you answer common question and take the first step to overcoming frequent barriers to implementation. You can use them in new staff trainings in September or as a refresher throughout the year. They could also be introduced during regular weekly meetings or distributed at the start of each Food & Fun unit to remind staff of the importance of supportive environments to promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity behaviors. Feel free to share all the tip sheets or just those that you have identified as most important to your program.