Policy Assessment Tool

This Policy Assessment Tool can help you keep track of your program's policies for nutrition, physical activity, and screen time (time allotted to TV, movies, computers, or video games). Policies can be thought of as written statements specifying practices, not the day-to-day practices that actually go on at the program. The power of nutrition, physical activity, and screen time policies is that they help schools and programs stick to their goals and hold families, staff, and students accountable for what they do.

Policies are usually found in family or staff handbooks (formal policies) or scattered throughout newsletters and flyers given to families, training materials for staff, or schedules and menus (informal policies). While informal policies are helpful for reinforcing and communicating formal policies and recommended practices, formal policies are especially important because they can provide a "last word" on a particular subject.

You can use this tool for two purposes. First, the tool can help you identify what policies you already have that meet your goals as well as what policies you may want to write. Second, the tool can you help you see where your policies are, and may help point out where a more formal policy might be needed.