Outside Resources

Working With Diverse Communities

  • CANFIT helps to bridge the gap between scientific research and on the ground best practices by providing professional development and translated theory and cutting edge research. The organization promotes youth involvement in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects. CANFIT primarily focuses on low income, African-American, American Indian, Latino/Hispanic, Asian American and Pacific Islander adolescents. Many of these historically underserved populations have limited access to affordable, healthy foods and safe places for physical activity.
  • The National Alliance for Hispanic Health has developed a website containing fact sheets, in English and Spanish, covering health topics of special concern to Hispanic Americans.
  • The Latino Nutrition Coalition (LNC) is an Oldways educational program inspiring Latinos to improve and maintain their health through traditional foods and active lifestyles. The LNC creates practical, culturally-aware materials in English and Spanish that help Latinos combine the best of their healthy food traditions with the realities of modern American life. (Site is available in English and Spanish)
  • The Network for a Healthy California African American Campaign is designed to improve the health of the low-income African American community by providing education, advocacy, and policy development about healthy eating and physical activity and empowering them with positive strategies for creating healthier communities.
  • The "Reshaping Our Communities, Reclaiming Our Health" report, drafted by The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Leadership for Healthy Communities, identifies potential solutions for reducing overweight and obesity in the African-American community.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with SAMHSA and Indian Health Services developed an American Indian and Alaskan Native Culture Card intended to serve as a general briefing to enhance cultural competence while providing health services to American Indian and Alaskan Native communities.