Act Up!


Children will work together to create a Food & Fun skit


  • Various props to use in the skit
  • Craft materials and poster board to create scenery and promotional posters
  • Creativity and enthusiasm!


  1. Invite the children - as a whole group or in small groups (e.g. you can have different grades work together) to create a skit (or a number of small skits) that demonstrate the key messages that they learned from Food & Fun.
  2. Be sure to help children find ways to get involved that do not necessarily involve acting. For instance, children can:
    • Be in charge of writing the script
    • Find or make props or other scenery
    • Help "backstage"
    • Create posters or signs to announce the show
    • Create a theme song or rap
  3. Be sure to give the group(s) the opportunity to choose their favorite healthy focus for the skit and let them perform their skit for other program participants, staff and families!

Extension Activities

  • The performance of the skit could be combined with a celebration during which families could try different recipes, see children's art projects, or participate in physical activities!
  • You could also invite parent volunteers to assist in the production of the skit!