Preparation and Materials

  • Print and copy the BINGO board worksheet. Give each child a blank BINGO board to decorate with pictures of fruits and vegetables (they may draw or cut pictures from magazines or grocery circulars). Photocopy these cards and cut out the pictures to use as call cards (or create a list).
  • Coins or markers


  1. Play BINGO according to the usual directions:
    • Draw the cards one by one and call out the fruit or vegetable to the group.
    • Have each child search their board for the item called out and place a marker over the fruit or vegetable if it appears on their card.
    • The first person to get 5 in a straight line (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) yells out "BINGO!" to win.
    • Play with creative rules for winning:
  2. Play with creative rules for winning:
    • First to get any 5 on board
    • First to cover entire board
    • First to get cover all green or red fruits and vegetables

Extension Activities:

  • Play with creative ways of calling out cards (Note: several fruits or vegetables may fit the description):
    • Describe color ("I'm a deep green vegetable")
    • Describe common way to consume the food ("People drink my juice")
    • Describe region where fruit/vegetable is from or which season it grows in (for example "fall"=pumpkins, apples, etc).
    • Learn names of fruits and veggies in different languages spoken by the group and call out by these different languages