Connect With Parents!

Key Messaged For Parents

  • Kids should get 1 hour or more of physical activity every day, all at once or spread out in 10-15 minute periods.
  • Active families have fun and feel more energetic.
  • Being physically active helps your body be healthy and strong.
  • Be a good role model by getting regular physical activity yourself and planning active time as a family. Kids with active families are more likely to stay active as adults.

Parent Engagement Options:

It is important to engage parents on a regular basis in a variety of ways. Here are some ways that you can engage parents at afterschool:

  • Have a conversation with parents at pick up
  • Create a bulletin board with the key messages from each Food & Fun unit
  • Involve parents in daily physical activities and snack time
  • Hold regularly scheduled events each month
  • Start a walking club for families to participate in weekly.
  • Dance! Offer a dance class for families. Zumba is one popular dance class that parents and kids can enjoy together.
  • Suggest family fitness! Make a list of family fitness classes that local YMCAs are offering. Distribute the list to parents and encourage them to attend!

Refer to the Parent Communications document, Newsletter Article, and Parent Handout to reinforce the messages in this unit of Food & Fun. All three are available in Spanish and English, and the Handout is available in Chinese.

  1. Parent Communications: Ideas for parent engagement, as well as a newsletter, "Get Moving! Feel Great!" and email message, "Healthy Habits Power Tips: Get Moving!" to distribute to parents.
  2. Newsletter Article: The formatted version of the parent Newsletter
  3. Parent Handout: "Activate your Family!". Send this handout home in a mailing, insert it into your next newsletter, or have copies available for pick-up at your program's sign-out area.