Connect With Parents!

Key Messages for Parents

  • Limit children's overall screen time (TV, videogames, internet surfing, etc.) to less than 2 hours per day.
  • Do not allow television sets in children's bedrooms.
  • Help children find other things to do besides watching TV, such as playing games, doing crafts or being active.
  • Be a good role model and limit your own TV viewing and computer time at home.

Parent Communication Options

It is important to engage parents on a regular basis in a variety of ways. Here are some ways that you can engage parents at afterschool:

  • Have a conversation with parents at pick up
  • Create a bulletin board with the key messages from each Food & Fun unit
  • Involve parents in daily physical activities and snack time
  • Hold regularly scheduled events each month
  • Brainstorm TV-free activities. Put up a poster board or tack a large piece of paper onto the wall by the sign-out book. Ask parents and kids to write down their favorite TV-free activity on the board. Keep the poster up for a week and encourage families to write something down every day. At the end of the week record all of the favorite activities and distribute to parents.
  • Encourage Commercial Mania. Encourage parents to do the Commercial Mania activity from Food & Fun at home with their kids. Print out copies of the instructions and hand out to parents at pick-up. Follow-up with families to see what they discovered, and ask how they liked the activity!

Refer to the Parent Communications document, Newsletter Article, and Parent Handout to reinforce the messages in this unit of Food & Fun. All three are available in Spanish and English, and the Handout is available in Chinese.

  1. Parent Communications: Ideas for parent engagement, as well as a newsletter, "Tune Out Your TV for Better Health" and email message, "Healthy Habits Power Tips: Tune Out the TV" to distribute to parents.
  2. Newsletter Article: The formatted version of the parent Newsletter
  3. Parent Handout: "Take Control of TV (and other screen time)". Send this handout home in a mailing, insert it into your next newsletter, or have copies available for pick up at your program's sign-out area.