Everyone Moves Obstacle Course


Instead of a traditional relay-race type obstacle course, set up this course in stations around the room, similarly to circuit training. Offer water at every station and encourage kids to drink if they are thirsty!

Preparation and Materials:

These are suggested equipment and set-up options - use what you have and be creative!

  • CD player and peppy music, try playing fun music from different cultural groups of the children in your program!
  • Jump ropes
  • Cones and masking tape
    • Set cones as a slalom course to run through
    • Set pairs of cones side-by-side and use masking tape to create the line to jump over (have several in a line to create a set of low hurdles)
  • Hula Hoops-do the hula or scatter hoops on the floor to jump in and out of
    • Do the hula or scatter hoops on the floor to jump in and out of
  • Balls
    • Dribble and shoot baskets
    • Dribble and kick soccer ball
    • Play catch or juggle small balls
    • Play "Four-squares" (encourage children to call out favorite active games, or fruits and vegetables or other healthy snacks)
  • Frisbee
  • Free Space
    • Just dance!
    • Do gymnastic moves like cartwheels, somersaults, or hand stands
    • Do push-ups (modify for younger children), sit-ups or jumping jacks (try 10 each!)
    • Have a station where kids can teach other kids an activity they know how to do!


  1. Divide the group by the number of stations and have each small group of children start at a different station (number the stations for clarity).
  2. Instruct the children to do the activity at each station while the music is playing, and when the music stops they will move to the next station.
  3. Make sure water is available throughout the activity and encourage kids to drink when they are thirsty!