Find the Favorite


Children learn what fruits and vegetables are enjoyed by their friends and family members, and are encouraged to try new ones themselves.

Preparation and Materials:

  • Print and copy "Find the Favorite" worksheet
  • Pens or pencils for children who can write, crayons or colored pencils/markers for children who prefer to draw pictures


  1. Distribute interview sheets and pens/pencils to each child.
  2. Instruct the children to ask 3-5 friends the following questions:
    • What is your favorite fruit? How do you like to eat it?
    • What is your favorite vegetable? How do you like to eat it?
    • Is there a fruit or vegetable that you do not like? What is it?
  3. Tally the results and make plans to serve the favorites.
  4. Discuss why children do not like a particular fruit or vegetable- is there a way that they might like it better? Come up with creative serving options (example: eat with a fun dip, try it with a sauce, or add a new spice). Remind children that most vegetables taste different when prepared differently. Conduct a taste test to compare some raw versus cooked foods, such as carrot sticks and cooked carrots or apples and applesauce.

Extension Activities

  • Conduct activity at pick-up time or give children the interview sheets to take home; have children interview their parents or caregivers and report on the results the next day.
  • Have children bring in their favorite fruit or vegetable "recipes" from home and share with the group. Select some for snack. Compile into a fruit and veggie recipe book that students can decorate as part of a quiet activity and then take home.
  • For older groups: create ads (on poster board) to represent the favorite fruits and vegetables of the group, with benefits, nutritional information, etc. Include the message that kids and adults should eat 5 a day.