Fruit and Vegetable Relay Games


Teams collect and sort as many fruit and vegetable containers as possible.

Preparation and Materials:

  • Collect, empty, and clean a variety boxes or cans of fruit/vegetables or juice. You could also use pictures/write names of fruits and vegetables to paste on small boxes (like empty milk cartons)
  • 2 large containers (milk crates or paper grocery bags work well) for each team; label one box "fruit" and one box "vegetable"


  1. Arrange group in 2 or more teams and have each team line up on opposite sides of a gym/field/large open space.
  2. Place fruit/vegetable containers in the middle of the space, between the teams.
  3. On "Go!" each team member takes turns running to grab a fruit/vegetable container and returning to their team to sort the items. All team members should run in place, stretch, or do jumping jacks when waiting for their turn.
  4. The team with the most items, correctly sorted, wins.

Extension Activities

  • Search for an item that meets the description called out by the leader. For instance, the leader calls out "orange fruit" and the team members in line run out and find an orange fruit to return to their teams. The next person in line searches for a different item, such as "green vegetable". Other options include: part of plant, how the food is typically served (lunch bag fruit, dried fruit snack, mashed vegetable, etc). For older students who have been introduced to key nutrients, categories may include options like "lots of vitamin C" or "little vitamin C"
  • As a class, make labels for a few of the fruits and vegetable that are translated into the different languages spoken by the group (Spanish, French, etc). Have children assist with translations. Review the names as a class and then play the game again.
  • To add variety to the game and encourage family involvement, have children bring in boxes and cans from home.