Fruity Freeze Tag


One or two "its" try to freeze players by tagging them, while other players call out fruits and vegetables to unfreeze the player.

Preparation and Materials:

  • None


  1. Identify the boundaries in the gym or field and inform the players that they may run in any direction, but must stay within the boundaries.
  2. Select 1 or 2 "its" (use random methods to select the "it", such as a birthday that month, or born on a certain number, or wearing a particular color).
  3. On "Go" the "its" will chase the players and try to tag them (below the shoulders, avoid shoving). When a player is tagged, he/she stands frozen until he/she is rescued.
  4. Options for rescue:
    • The leader calls out a color and the frozen player(s) must call out the name a fruit or vegetable to match the color. With this option, the leader may continue to call out colors and any tagged player can name a fruit or vegetable of that color until the leader calls out a new color.
    • Another player who serves as the "rescuer" calls out a color while crawling under the frozen player's legs; the frozen player must name a fruit or vegetable to match the color.

Extension Activities:

  • Have the leader call out the names of fruit and veggie dishes from another country and children must name the region/culture. For example, "platanos" would be Latin America.