Healthy House


To toss all of the "unhealthy foods" (balls) into the other team's "house" while keeping the "healthy foods".


  • Soft balls, small bean bags, or balloons of different colors
    • Choose the item or items that are readily available in your program
    • Since the balls/bags/balloons will be tossed about, it is fun to mix them up since they will all move differently!
  • Masking tape or cones to set middle line
    • This game requires large space, such as a gym, cafeteria or field

How to Play

  1. Divide the group into two teams and arrange the teams on opposite sides of the gym or field. Create a middle line with the masking tape or by placing cones along a middle line.
  2. Scatter the balls, bean bags, and balloons in front of the teams.
  3. On "Go!" the players will rush to toss their balls, bags, and balloons into the other team's playing area ("house"). On "Stop!" the players will see which team has the fewest bags or balls.
  4. Continue play, but introduce strategy by announcing that a certain color represents a "slow" food - the teams must try to get rid of those "foods" by tossing them away.
  5. Introduce a second level of strategy by announcing that one color is a "slow" food and a different color is a "super" food. Now teams must try to collect as many "go" foods while getting rid of the "slow" foods!

Extension Activities:

  • Introduce a third level of strategy by having children call out the name of the "slow" snack before they can get rid of it and the "super" snack before they can keep it. The snack must meet the criteria or else the player may not get rid of or keep the ball.