Healthy Steps!


Children will set simple goals to make healthy changes in their lives


  • Poster board or Posters from Food & Fun 2nd Edition
  • Markers or crayons
  • Paper
  • Stickers


  1. Review the Food & Fun key messages your program has learned so far this year. Write the messages on a poster board or use one of the posters of the Environmental Standards from Food & Fun 2nd Edition as a reminder.
  2. Have each child write in words or draw a picture of one healthy goal related to the Food & Fun lessons you have taught so far. Give them examples of simple, concrete change ideas. These might include eating one more fruit every day, drinking water instead of soda at dinner, or watching an hour less of TV each week. Goals like "eating healthy" or "being active" will be harder to track.
  3. Have kids pair up or form small group to share their healthy goals.
  4. Now that they have each chosen a goal, tell the group that they will all try to take one small step to reaching that goal in the next week. Try to help kids break down bigger goals into smaller and more manageable tasks they will be able to accomplish each day.
  5. Over the next week, designate at least 10 minutes each day (e.g. during snack time or at the beginning of the afterschool day) to check in on their progress. Ask kids to share any successes and struggles they are having.
  6. Use stickers to track kids' progress. Have kids add a sticker to their poster if they think they took a "step" towards meeting their healthy goals.

Extension Activities

  • This is a perfect activity to establish staff role modeling. Have staff set healthy goals and share their progress too.
  • Extend the "healthy steps" activity to two weeks or even a month. Help kids think of different "steps" if they are having trouble reaching their goals during the first week or help them set new healthy goals if they reach their first one.
  • Send the healthy goals home and encourage parents to make one of their own!