Name Three!


Children will review all of the things that they learned from Food & Fun activities

Materials and Preaparation:

  • A round object such as an orange or tennis ball

How to Play

  1. Players form a circle sitting on the floor or ground. Select one player to be "it".
  2. The person who is "it" goes into the center and counts to 10 out loud while his/her eyes are closed. Meanwhile, the players pass the object around the circle.
  3. On the count of 10, the players stop passing the object and the person in the middle calls out a "Name 3 Challenge" using healthy food and drink groups or physical activity categories. The player holding the object must quickly call out 3 things that fit in the category.
  4. Options to call out (you may want to write things down for the center person to choose from):
    • 3 fruits (or red fruits, yellow fruits, etc.)
    • 3 vegetables (or green veggies, white veggies, etc.)
    • 3 grains
    • 3 whole grain cereals
    • 3 super snacks
    • 3 healthy drinks
    • 3 healthy foods that start with the letter "A" or "B", etc.
    • 3 active things to do
    • 3 things that get you "playing hard"
    • 3 things to do when you tune out the TV

Extension Activities

  • Incorporate questions from extension activities, like naming a fruit or vegetable in a different language.