Parts of the Plant


Children identify the plant parts for common fruits and vegetables.

Preparation and Materials:

  • Print the Parts of a Plant worksheet
  • A variety of vegetables for taste testing each part of the plant


  1. Discover the Parts of a Plant
    • Explain that we eat different parts of the plant. For example,
    • Root -> carrot, onion, potato, turnip, yam, beets
      Stem -> asparagus, rhubarb, celery, fennel
      Leaf -> spinach, chard, cabbage, lettuce, collards
      Flower -> broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke
      Fruit (of the vegetable plant) -> squash, tomato, cucumber

    • Ask the children to name some vegetables and identify the plant part.

  2. Taste vegetables that represent each part of the plant

Extension Activities:

For older children:

  • Write names of vegetables on small pieces of paper and tape a different one on the back or forehead of each child.
  • Instruct children to ask "Yes - No" questions to help them guess what they are.
  • Each child may only ask another child 1 identifying question (examples: "Am I a root?" "Am I brown?" "Do I need to be baked?")
  • The first child to guess what vegetable he/she is, wins.