Red Hen Relay

adapted from


To be the first team to have all players carry the whole wheat flour back and forth from the mill to "home", ending with the flour at "home".

  • Note: may need to use a mini-bag of flour for younger children.


  • 5 pound bags of whole wheat flour - one for each team, and each team must have an odd number of players


  • Read The Little Red Hen prior to playing the game so that players connect the concept of the red hen with the relay

How To Play:

  1. Each team of "red hens" lines up on one side of the room, with the bags of flour on the opposite side of the room.
  2. The first players ("hens") to go must run across the room and pick up the bag of flour at the "mill" and carry it back "home".
  3. The hens carry the flour back and forth so that the second "hen" runs to the mill with the flour while the third hen must go and collect the flour again.
  4. The last player to go should return the flour to home, and the team that does this first, wins.

Extenstion Activities

  • If you have more space, instead of conducting a relay back and forth across a room, teams may run a traditional relay race around a track or field, passing the bag of flour as they go (and trying not to drop it during the hand-off!).
  • For outdoor spaces with sand, team members race to a sandy area, fill a cup with sand, and race back to fill a bucket. The first team to fill their bucket wins.