Silly Snacks


Children will draw silly snack ideas which can later be created (at the leader's discretion)


  • Print the Silly Snack worksheets
  • Make one copy for each child
  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils
  • Optional: provide snack foods so that children can make and taste their creations


  1. Distribute the Silly Snack worksheet and explain that they are to create the silliest super snack around! Tell kids that a super snack makes a bridge between two meals, so it should have a fruit and/or vegetable AND at least 1 other food from another healthy food group, (grains, low-fat milk or dairy foods, or protein foods like nuts, seeds, lean meat, eggs or legumes).
  2. Children should identify the foods in their snacks, draw a picture of how it is made, and name the snack.
  3. Offer some silly ideas for their snacks (or have small groups work together to create a snack for each category). Examples:
    • Out-in-space snack
    • Midnight snack
    • Volcano snack
    • Ocean snack
  4. Gather in a circle so that each child can tell the others about his/her silly snack.
  5. Optional: vote for the silliest; most likely to eat; or least likely to eat snacks.

Extension Activities:

  • Compile all the individual pages and create a Silly Snack Recipe Book!
  • Make it and taste it! As a group select a few silly snacks to try then gather the ingredients so that children may make them and taste them the following day.

Note: You may want to select the snacks with common or user-friendly ingredients!