Recipe - Silly Water


  • Plain water
  • Fruit and vegetables, for flavor: lemon, lime, cucumber, orange, melon slices, raspberries, etc. Have children suggest and try out different things!


  1. Mix up your own silly water by adding the fruit or vegetable of choice to a pitcher of ice water. Let the fruit or vegetable sit for at least 10 minutes for the flavor to infuse the water before serving.
  2. Serve and conduct a taste test. Do the children like the flavored water? Ask children which silly water would they drink again, or what other flavors they would like to try.

Extension Activities

  • Instead of a regular taste test, conduct a "blind" taste test, where children have to identify the fruit or vegetable while blindfolded. Which flavor is easiest to guess? Which is hardest?
  • Have children bring in a fruit or vegetable from home to put in a pitcher of water for snack!